About Monica

I could offer you all a list here, a detailing of my qualifications.  Perhaps another time.  Today, instead, I offer my obituary–written in July 2012.  It captures who I practice being.

Yesterday, Monica Herald died, while her family and friends were in the adjoining room.  Monica is known for the stories she shared–her own stories, others’ stories, and “fictional” stories.  

Monica spent her years traveling the world, meeting new people, and spreading joy.  When she was at her home, here in the woods, she always had people dropping by.  Her home was a safe haven: a place of love, light, and laughter, yet also a place safe for tears or rest. 

Monica’s very presence created a space where people felt seen–by her listening and acceptance of others, she healed.  

Monica is also known for the communities of diverse people that she brought together.  She will be remembered for her fire, her gentleness, her courage, and her persistent commitment to live her truth and empower others to live theirs. 

Monica found joy in the ordinary– a cool breeze, a hot cup of tea or coffee, a letter in the mail.

Although it took many years, Monica came to love herself, even her consistent (and persistent) drive to do more, which she always wrestled with.  Monica was most proud of this accomplishment, for it was the one which all of her other accomplishments rested on.  

She will be remembered by many and leaves behind a great fortune of money, but most importantly, a vibrant community of people who are now connected, but might not have been had it not be for her presence in their lives. 

She is survived by one daughter and numerous other loves.

7 thoughts on “About Monica

  1. I haven’t seen an about page like this before. Very interesting way to do it, I enjoyed reading it.

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