Stone Soup Stories

xNQSh4O4rqnUX7WdMcXDM-iPDf588b6z00MaSLzadyo,sc8mpoMyQxEs1PDDzcL4U3f6yrCgF8sdTSTAT7YXc7c,tcmenrDvz9Rsw7chE3RnEhuo7b1bShgYc4_3oyLquvoI believe in the power of stories and storytelling to connect and transform people; this is a site to share some of the stories that I encounter. Part of the power of comes from the act of listening.  If you look closely, there is beauty, truth, love, all around.  I like to snippet these moments, the heartbeats of connection and share them.  My initial inspiration comes from the Stone Soup legend.

Many cultures have a variation of the Stone Soup legend. There are versions with a wise traveler passing through, a soldier(s) after wartime, and even one with 3 Chinese monks.  The essence of the story does not change though, no matter who passes through:  when people share what they have with the larger community, the end result is greater than the individual gifts that have been brought.

**Additionally, our lives can be their own mini stone soups. As I find my writing shifting and changing, I wanted to acknowledge that this space will hold lots of different stones and stories, some others’, but many, mine. 

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