30 Days of 30: Day 2

“The choice to love is a choice to connect—to find ourselves in the other.”

bell hooks, All About Love

We are a people hardwired for connection and it’s in and through our relationships with others that we come to best know ourselves. At its heart, connection, relationships, self-awareness, and reflection are what my 30 days of 30 is all about: I get 30 days to celebrate the completion of 30 years of life and to acknowledge all of the intricacies that contribute to this life of mine.

November 2011:

I was in the middle of the spiral mentioned here and it was time to find a new home. I answered a Craigslist ad for an apartment with a woman; I was so desperate for a new space—somewhere of my own, and somewhere to create new memories—that I would have taken a closet, as long as it wasn’t with a serial killer.

June 2013:

18 months later, I am a new(er) person. I lived through my thawing out, thanks to community and I’ve spent the last year living in and through love.


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