I thought it might be nice to see actual locations for where we were during our Guatemala trip.  Here are the places that I’ve talked about so far.

Casa de Retiros Clarethttp://goo.gl/maps/HbeYK
The Garbage Dumphttp://goo.gl/maps/31K8a
San Francisco Coll school/Santa Maria school/Soccer fieldhttp://goo.gl/maps/W9jNK
Santa Clara Nurseryhttp://goo.gl/maps/136dr
Enjoy! Update for the Friday performance is coming next!

And our first day finishes…

To finish up our first day, let me tell you about our visit to Santa Clara and Paso a Paso.

Santa Clara is the nursery that International Samaritan runs in cooperation with the city of Guatemala.  There we met Sonia La Roche, a small but strong woman, who runs the nursery; she has worked at Santa Clara for years, since she met Fr. Vettesse. She shared with us that the people in the area told her she had to talk with “the crazy gringo who was giving away money .“  Their partnership has grown over the years, from a small program where the goal was to remove babies from spending as much time in the garbage dump, to a large program that works with small children until they are up to 5 years old and ready to go to St. Francis Coll.  The original participants’ grandbabies are now in the nursery.   Sonia, like Sr. Esperanza, and the people we met in the dump, repeated over and over her gratitude for God’s blessings, for International Samaritan, for the students we had brought. Continue reading