Celebrating the stranger

Yesterday I shared pictures from Friday morning, when St. Francis Coll held another assembly to celebrate our time with the classes during the week.  Before the celebration, we joined our classes from the day before; the students who had gone to the nursery tagged along with us.  I sat in with the sixth grade; unlike the other classes, when the bell rang for recess, they had to stay inside—apparently there had been more trouble between the boys and the girls.  The teacher again, reminded them that it was their choice; they could work for their future and the report cards at the end of the year would show this, or, they could waste time and just mess around.

The group of students that I sat with on Friday morning was a much less efficient crew than the previous day’s pod; there were two young boys, who didn’t really want to focus or be the taskmaster for any of the assignments and then there were three girls—one of whom was messing around with the boys.  The other two girls sat silently, just watching.  Some sort of mocking took place between the 2 boys/1 girl and one of the other girls, but I couldn’t quite follow what they were saying. Continue reading


I thought it might be nice to see actual locations for where we were during our Guatemala trip.  Here are the places that I’ve talked about so far.

Casa de Retiros Clarethttp://goo.gl/maps/HbeYK
The Garbage Dumphttp://goo.gl/maps/31K8a
San Francisco Coll school/Santa Maria school/Soccer fieldhttp://goo.gl/maps/W9jNK
Santa Clara Nurseryhttp://goo.gl/maps/136dr
Enjoy! Update for the Friday performance is coming next!