Happy Samhain! (pt 1)

… They were actors, not kids running around without their parents. I realized this when I saw other youth, similarly dressed, running the concession stand.

My brother and I texted back and forth a bit: he assured me that he would have come with me, if he were closer. I continued to people watch from my perch on the bench: I saw a friend, dancing close to the stage, and I watched her freedom and ease with envy (yup, I was still stuck in self-pity mode). Finally, I got up, during a break between songs, and I offered my friend’s husband one of my donuts. He and I traded–an apple cider donut for a glow stick bracelet–and I walked back to my bench, with just one donut remaining, a donut that I was going to toss into the trash. Continue reading

Bonfires, babes, and banshees

… okay, no banshees, but there were zombies.

Saturday night, I headed out to Markoff’s Haunted Forest, one of the best Haunted Forests on the East Coast, to support Cousin John Band, a local Americana/Rock/Blues band that’s fairly awesome (find them on Facebook!) and has done some sweet projects. My other draw, was that another friend of mine was working the forest, complete with zombie queen makeup and dress. Even with all this awesomeness, I almost didn’t make it to the show: I had been napping in bed and when my friends who I had invited ended up not being able to make it, the thought of crawling out of my comfy purple nest just didn’t appeal.  However, I had committed to going to both of my friends, and so I dragged myself out to face the night. Continue reading