30 Days of 30. Day 3. (part two)

If you read part one, you’ll already know that I’m on vignettes of highlight moments.

3. When I returned to the main room with the flautists, I got the entire room to pay attention to me (voluntarily) by saying: “If you can hear my voice, touch your head. If you can hear my voice, touch your ear. If you can hear my voice…” and modeling it for them. Eventually, all the kids joined in and were quiet enough that neither I nor the other adult in the room had to yell over them to instruct them. It reminded me how grateful I am for all the teachers that I had who modeled for me ways to get children’s attention.

The actual concert was amazing. The flute ensemble (and the beginners) played first and the trio that was played reminded me of how much I love playing music and listening to the other instruments so that I play in concert with them. It was magical and primal—the reminder of the hold that playing music has on me.

I also left the concert with a better understanding of my friend’s job and of the hard work that she puts in on a daily basis. I was so grateful that I don’t teach in a school and that I don’t teach music. She makes it look easy from the stage, plus, the kids sounded good.

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30 Days of 30. Day 3. (part one)

My entire day yesterday was spent in rest to prepare for my planned 30 days of 30 celebration last night. Ready for it?

I attended a good friend’s elementary school band and orchestra concert AND I helped tune/work with the beginning and advanced flautists.

Doesn’t sound like it would require a full day’s prep, but let me tell you, the prep was absolutely necessary. Here’s the scene I walked into:

  • A confusing parking lot … I was so focused on deciding where I could actually park, that I didn’t realize I pulled up right next to my friend, sitting in her SUV. In fact, I didn’t know she had been in her car until a few minutes later, when she entered the building and told me, “You could have parked next to me, you know.”
  • A large high school where I got to explore and figure out where the students were being held pre-show.
  • And then, the best part, walking into a rehearsal room with 40-60 fourth and fifth graders, beginners and advanced, warming up their band instruments (the orchestra students were one room over). Continue reading